Sumo Design has designed a variety of projects for Hoxworth Blood Center, including event logos, brochures, postcards, posters, signage, print and digital advertising, t-shirts, and vehicle graphics.
Event logos were designed to be unique to each event, but still tie into overall Hoxworth branding.
A How-To brochure was developed to walk potential donors through the basics of blood donation. Infographics, pull quotes, and testimonials were used to easily convey information.
Partitions and banners were needed to section off private donation areas in mobile blood drives. Both full-size (34"w x 60"h) and table-top partitions (24" square) were designed to convey information and liven up the blood donation space. Partitions are easily transported from location to location, and were designed with a dark background to disguise dirt and wear and tear.
Bus and bloodmobile designs were developed to tie into the All Types Welcome branding initiative. Sumo  submitted flat designs to Hoxworth, and worked with the printer to ensure that graphics printed correctly.
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